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    Alice Wolff

    Could y'all ask AA to make some shirts for people who don't have washboard flat stomachs?
    I really want to buy shirts from you but both men's and women's sizes are smaller at the waist than the chest - if we could at least have some that are the same waist+chest measurements that would be great cos I don't want a shirt that's baggy at the top and tight at the bottom, which is what I would get as someone with about as much stomach as I have boob!

    It's super frustrating and makes me feel really bad about my body. Given that I'm smaller than the average body size, I can't imagine how much this must suck for people larger than me.

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    Cordelia Edison

    Nah for real though, I would buy SO MANY shirts from you guys if there was even some chance they would fit. :( My husband has been a long time buyer of your shirts (since at least 2006), but now that he's hit the ripe old age of 30 he no longer resembles the twig I married (sigh) and although still fairly svelte he too is sizing out of your garments. I mean anybody with more than an A cup is doomed here, so screw women I guess, and all your non-twiggy nerds (lets face it that means most of us) aren't in much luck either.

    I deeply appreciate the commitment to ethical practices, but could you maybe just ask for larger sizing? I would be annoyed but I would probably be willing the pay an extra 10 bucks for my size. There are a couple other sites I like that use American Apparel as a base for prints and they get the same complaints. I bet if you folks pooled your resources and all complained/negotiated at once you could get some larger shirts. I strongly believe that that would greatly increase your customer base. I know I for one would start repping you guys. Is there really nobody that does an ethical tee shirt other than these guys? If so it seems like a huge gap in the market.

    Anyway I hope at some point in the near future that Topatoco can make changes to their shirts that can better benefit customers' waistlines as well as Topatoco's bottom line.

    P.S. Alice don't you dare feel bad about your body! :) I've been a plus sized gal all my life, and worked in fashion for most of my adult life. And I don't wanna toot my own horn here but I get compliments from strangers on my outfits about once or twice a week. The thing you've got to remember is it's ALWAYS the clothing's fault. Dress doesn't look good? Stupid dress! Shirt too tight? That shirt sucks! Even twiggy folks run into this (although admittedly less). There's a fundamental flaw with mass producing clothing because there is no standard body type. The only reason we do it is even though it doesn't work a lot of the time it still ends up being cheaper and less labor intensive (so cheaper lol). Of course that doesn't stop somewhere like Topatoco from carrying larger sizes to help even things out; but the point is it's not you. :)

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